PIGEON - Fly through your inbox
First fully offline mail experience

Offline is not a luxury anymore

Don't be limited by your internet connection. Manage your emails whenever you want, not whenever you have to. Online... offline.. online.. offline... Pigeon takes care of it!

Sending email is only half of the story

The message has been read 11 minutes ago and was opened for 7 minutes. That's a full story!

Task or email !? There is no difference.

Forget about sending email to yourself as a reminder. Create a task to hit your inbox at a perfect time.

Inbox zero

Focus on the task you can finish now. Send the rest to archive or schedule it for more appropriate time.

Less is more

Do you like seeing subject and content of your email on a locked screen? If don't, turn off "show email preview" and you will still be notified.

Day or night, dark or light

Auto-adjusting color theme according to the period of the day, or do it manually.

Send later

The best moment is not always now. Schedule sending email and hit receiver's inbox at the perfect time.

The moment when we love math!

Drill down into your data and get most important insights at your fingertip. The more you know, the less you wonder.

Undo an action

We all make mistakes. Shake your phone to undo the last action, no matter what it is.

It's not free and it can't be

We are small, self-funded company, truly and fully committed to improving every corner of mobile mail experience. Keeping first class service and infrastructure up and running, improving it on a daily basis, focusing and dedicating our lives making this product awesome, comes with a small price.

Most importantly, we live from service we provide, not from service we hide. We are not interested in user's data mining, ads or spamming. We do not use any third party services (such as Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Amplitude, Mixpanel etc) to collect and analyze how you use Pigeon mail. Simply, we track nothing! We only value your written feedback.

If something is free, there is always a question what else we give in compensation. That's why we believe free is the most expensive price.

In simplicity we trust: First class infrastructure + First class product + First class support = First Class Experience